Tear of Mishakal 2 of 2 (Major Artifact)(SoS171)(Corrupted)
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Tear of Mishakal 2 of 2 (Major Artifact)(SoS171)(Corrupted) magic-item ✦ Dragonlance D&D v.3.5
Benefits: The following powers expend:
1 charge
bane; Cause Fear; Inflict Light Wounds
2 charges
Death Knell; Desecrate; moderate woundsInflict Moderate Wounds
4 charges
Animate Dead; Bestow Curse; Inflict Serious Wounds
6 charges
Enervation; Inflict Critical Wounds; Unholy Blight
8 charges
Dispel Good; Inflict Light Wounds, Mass; Slay Living

It creates unholy water (as the spell curse water) if immersed for 24 hours in up to a gallon of water. Unlike the uncorrupted Tear, the corrupted Tear does not provide a continuous shield of faith spell effect, but the bearer may summon a fiendish greater shadow (fighter 5) by expending 10 charges. The shadow remains until dismissed or destroyed.

Description: The corrupted Tear of Mishakal, stained with the blood of the elf who stole it from the temple of Quenesti-Pah in Silvanost, appears to glow with a sickening green light instead of the soft blue radiance it once did.

The corrupted Tear functions similarly to its uncorrupted twin, except that it regains its charges at nightfall, may only be used by non-good characters, and inflicts negative levels on good characters who hold or attempt to use it. The corrupted Tear does not bolster the power of its twin (raising caster level to 20th, allowing additional domain spells, etc.) while it remains corrupted.

Charges: 20

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