Medallion of Faith - Paladine (K83)
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Medallion of Faith - Paladine (K83) magic-item ✦ Dragonlance D&D v.3.5
Benefits: The medallion resists any effort to be forecefully removed from the neck of a cleric of the designated deity. Any attempt to take the medallion causes the target to suffer 2d4 points of divine damage, with no saving throw or spell resistance.

A divine spellcaster of the appropriate god can use the spell-like abilities of a specialty medallion 3 times a day. All skill checks affected by the medallion are granted a +1 bonus.

Paladine - Air Walk. Skills: Handle Animal, Knowledge (nature), Survival.

Description: Silver medallion bears the sign of the Paladine (Triangle formed of 3 dragons)
Charges: N/A

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